Supporting women-led enterprises in accessing funding, scaling and creating wealth

Why Women-led Enterprises

Women entrepreneurs often encounter in accessing adequate resources, including loans, capital, and venture funding. lack of access can hinder their to seize growth opportunities
Gender bias and discrimination persist in various forms, including unequal treatment, biased perceptions of women's capabilities, and limited access to business networks. These biases can create barriers to securing partnerships
Limited access to business networks and mentorship opportunities can be a significant challenge for women entrepreneurs. Networking and mentorship play crucial roles in obtaining guidance, support, and access to resources and market connections, which are vital for scaling a business.
Women entrepreneurs may face challenges in acquiring technical skills and business knowledge necessary for scaling their businesses. Access to quality training, education, and professional development programs can be limited

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A three-stage growth initiative

The three-staged growth initiative will involve capacity building, product development and an output stream for investment

Enterprise Growth Support - Capacity Building

Following a thorough assessment of each businesses needs, the program will deliver targeted training modules covering essential areas such as business strategy, financial management, marketing, leadership, and technology adoption, pitching and preparation for fundraising

Product Development Support

The program offers guidance and resources to enhance and optimize their products. Enterprises will be assisted in identifying market trends, conducting market research, refining their product offerings, and developing effective strategies to enter new markets.

Investment Output Stream

Women entrepreneurs will be provided with comprehensive knowledge and resources to understand the principles of wealth creation, financial management, and investment opportunities

Target value chains

Enterprises supported through the initiative must be active in one of the nine value chains prioritised by the government

  1. Edible Oil crop production value chain
  2. Cotton to Textile and Apparel value chain
  3. Minerals and Tree Planting value chain
  4. Blue Economy & Fisheries value chain
  5. Dairy value chain
  6. Leather & Leather products value chain
  7. Rice production value chain
  8. Construction & Building material value chain
  9. Tea value chain

As women, we have what it takes to when embracing a process....and walking the walk until you accomplish that which what you want to accomplish.

Sally Mahihu
Chairperson, Kenya Investment Authority

Embracing the transformative power of wealth creation

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