The 'Wekeza Dada' Initiative is dedicated to unleashing the potential of women-led enterprises and driving their success to new heights. By bridging the funding gap and providing comprehensive capacity-building programs, 'Wekeza Dada' propels women entrepreneurs towards sustainable growth and prosperity. 'Wekeza Dada' goes beyond business empowerment, embracing the transformative power of wealth creation and guiding entrepreneurs to invest in local economies through capital markets


Qualification for businesses

This initiative will target scalable, innovative women-led enterprises and provide them with the necessary growth support if they meet the following criteria:

What businesses gain from the initiative

What we aim to achieve

How do get our women-led businesses to be ready to take advantage of the 1.3 Billion person market in Africa?

Ms. June Chepkemei
Ag. Managing Director, Kenya Investment Authority

Embracing the transformative power of wealth creation